Investing in Volunteers

Investing in Volunteers

Woodside Bereavement Service was proud to be awarded the Investing in Volunteers quality standard in September 2006 and again in 2010 following another evaluation.

Investing in Volunteers is the national quality standard recognising good practice in organisations’ volunteer management. It is based on the four main areas of volunteer management:

  • planning for volunteer involvement
  • recruiting volunteers
  • selecting and matching volunteers
  • supporting and retaining volunteers

Your policies and practices are reviewed by independent assessors, giving you confidence that your volunteers are being managed to the very best standards.

Working to achieve the Investing in Volunteers award will benefit your organisation in many ways:

  • Encouraging more people to volunteer
  • Minimising any potential risks arising from the involvement of volunteers - either to volunteers themselves, and/or to the organisation and its users/supporters
  • Increasing support from people within your organisation for the volunteer programme
  • Enhancing your organisation’s reputation in the local community.
  • Reassuring funders that your organisation is professional and that their money is being well spent
  • Sustaining your existing volunteers’ motivation and enhancing their experience of volunteering.

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